A Journey to the Argentinean Tango and Their Surroundings

01 Dear Land  

Argentinean tango air is breathed in this formidable work.

02 Mimí Pinsón  

A year later, he’s still waiting for her in Paris... in vain.

03 "porteños" Air of 80's  

While democracy was settling little by little in Argentina, so was tango in my youth. This piece is the result of that period, and its fresh and changing flavour, like that time.

04 The Day You Love Me  

A subtle piano and a dreamy violin make this great tango even more romantic song.

05 Melancholic  

It is a feeling of intermittent melancholy that goes from excitement to calmness, and made into a tango.

06 The Drunks  

It is a love story with a painful end. Here, it is told by means of only three instruments.

07 Headfirst  

The poet adapted his poem "Inner Biography" for this tango, in which he summarizes how imagination can help us live.

08 The "cachila"  

In Uruguay, "cachila" is the name given to a rickety old car or truck. I did not realize immediately, but this musical arrangement sounds as an old car as it drags along the streets in its effort to move forward with dignity.

09 "Salganeando"  

This is my modest homage to the best tango pianist ever, Horacio Salgán, who has already blown 92 candles and is still going. This tango is written and performed in the way of his memorable duo, "Salgán-De Lío".

10 In This Grey Afternoon  

A passionate tango that makes the "bandoneon" cry.

11 "Astormentado"  

Almost all tango musicians surviving the 20th Century have a mark they cannot erase. In their compositions and arrangements, the influence of Astor Piazzolla is evident (either consciously or not). Since I am not an exception, and to stop being tormented by Astor’s musical spirit, I wrote this tango in his memory (and as an exorcism).

12 Blue Buenos Aires  

In a cobbled alley of Buenos Aires, their stones are dampened by the dew of a foggy dusk. Everything is becoming stained with a blue colour. The contours of houses and buildings blur as it drizzles, like brush strokes that are shaping a bluish degradée on the city.

13 The "Cumparsita"  

It is considered the Tango’s National Anthem, and I want it to be present in this work.

14 "Rioplatense" Bridge  

Until now, there have been unsuccessful attempts to build a bridge across the Río de la Plata to connect the coasts of Argentina and Uruguay. My attempt, on the other hand, was carried out because it is musical bridge. It is made of a mixture of candombe and milonga, which are common musical styles in the area of influence of the Rio de la Plata, which is where ?nothing less but? tango was born.