English version: Graciela Piccioni

As a child, his first musical years were enchanted by the symphonies of Ludwig Van Beethoven. At this stage, he began to improvise and perform in a Harmonium while experimenting his first compositions.

In his adolescence, he took private lessons on Piano as well as Ear Training. It was then when he began to intensify his work as Composer, Arranger and Performer.

From then on, he will be enriching his career by taking music classes and being part of groups of different musical genres (mainly Tango, Folklore, "Classical", Jazz, Melodic and Latin) in which he participates as Keyboardist (Piano, Organ and Synthesizer), Arranger and Composer.

At the same time, his performances and recordings gain recognition in and outside his country.

He complements his musical activity by Teaching Piano, Harmony and Ear Training.